Dance Classes

Tuesdays 11:30-1:00pm, Contemporary Dance at New Style Motherlode in Oakland.

Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm, Urban Contemporary Dance Class at The Beat in Berkeley.

Thursdays 1:35-2:35pm, Hip Hop Dance Class
at The Embarcadero YMCA in San Francisco.


For private lessons, contact Sarah Bush

“I’ve been on & off searching for a dance class & a teacher that I really connect to for years now…. and I must say that [Sarah's] is the best I’ve come across in a long time. [Her] style of teaching really matches what I need right now, both physically, creatively & spiritually.”



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Dancer, Sarah Bush

photo by Alan Kimara Dixon

Urban Contemporary Dance at The Beat in Berkeley.
Hip-Hop and Modern dance techniques with an emphasis on movement quality and emotive
performance techniques, and really good music.

The Beat, Berkeley Performing Arts
2560 9th Street, Suite 119 Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 843-2328


Q: Can you offer any more information about it?
A: Urban Contemporary is a blend of primarily Hip-Hop and Modern Dance styles with some
Jazz and Yoga techniques.

Q: Is it an adult class?
A: Yes, it’s primarily an adult class, though a mature teen would probably also be fine.

Q: What is the range of ability levels from the students?
A: It’s a wide variety. most students are a beginner in at least one of the styles.
I teach to the level of the students that come to class that day. My goal is for each
person, to have moments of both challenge and success.

Q: Is there a warm-up at 6:30?
A: The class starts at 6:30. The beginning of class always includes: core strengthening,
isolations, plies, and a yoga series as well at other exercises to build strength and
technique and to avoid injury.

Q: What kind of shoes are worn?
A: Generally the class is done barefoot.

Q: Should I come check it out??
A: YES!!! :)

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credit: Anouk Kluyskens

photo by Anouk Kluyskens

Contemporary Dance at New Style Motherlode in Oakland.
Contemporary style has been made popular by So You Think You Can Dance.
It combines elements of modern dance and lyrical jazz with an emphasis on movement
quality, emotive performance, and floor work.

New Style Motherlode
5451 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618.
(510) 597-1056

Sarah’s Contemporary class is best suited to dancers who have training in at least one style
and are wanting to push themselves technically, expand their movement vocabulary, and hone
their performance skills so that they can be strong versatile dancers able to get hired!
Physically demanding class. Anyone is welcome.
Bring kneepads, layers, long-pants, long-sleeves, an open mind, a brave heart, and a huge spirit.

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Dancer, Sarah Bush

photo by Alan Kimara Dixon

Hip-Hop at The Embarcadero YMCA in San Francisco.
The Embarcadero YMCA
169 Steuart Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 957-9622

A fun comfortable atmosphere to learn some hip-hop basics and a short choreographed routine.
Good for all levels, all types of dancers, first-timers and pros! Come get your sweat on!
Day Pass gives you access to the gym all day — dance, yoga, weight machines, and take a sauna!

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